Friday, March 5, 2010

Got Questions?

BeeHive asked me a great question yesterday (which I'm working on answering), but it inspired me to finally jump on the FormSpring bandwagon. If you haven't seen this floating around the blogworld yet, it's basically a website that lets you create a profile, and then people can ask you questions anonymously. Vain? Sure. A good way to waste time? Obviously.

So...itching to delve even deeper into the insanity that is MarryingtheNavy? Click here and ask away. Crafts, wedding, cooking, Navy life, teaching, books, movies, Starbucks, or anything else you're curious about. You can submit your question anonymously, so no need to be shy! Please remember that I am a person though, and rude or inappropriate questions probably won't be answered (but probably will be shared and heckled on the blog).


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