Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tally Pup Update!!!

NavyGuy was able to check on Tally on Saturday - she's doing GREAT! He watched her do some work with the trainer, and then got to play with her for a bit. Basically, she's kickin' ass. Tally is doing fabulous for her age, and is still a little peanut (she'll look big in the first photos, but check out the relative size in the last photo). She's eating well, making friends, has clean ears and teeth, and is still our little squeaker pup :)

I'm ready guys! I'm ready! Let me run! I wanna run!

Bringing back a bird.

Finally in the water! Apparently, she still isn't a huge fan, but can you blame her? It's still freezing cold!

Awww... spending some quality play time with her papa.
Here's Tally in the front middle (her pink collar has faded drastically). The yellow lab in front of her... is 13 weeks... Tally is 6 months!

Only a few more months to go until Tally comes home!


ebs handler March 15, 2010 at 7:16 PM  

Can't wait to see Tally in Cranberry Lake!

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