Thursday, March 4, 2010

Seriously - this is why so little gets done around here...

My Thursday morning...

7:00am - Alarm goes off.
7:09am - Snooze.
7:18am - Snooze.
7:27am - Snooze.
7:36am - Finally get up.
7:37am - Watch a little Today Show.
7:52am - Turn it off when Ann Curry is allowed to speak.
8:00am - Remember that I wanted to make a card for the Poppy Seed Challenge.
8:02am - Rummage through already-made cards and see if anything can be used as a starting point.
8:10am - Realize I'm woefully short on birthday cards.
8:11am - Peruse stamps to see what birthday stamps I have.
8:15am - Remember original purpose for being in the craft room before 9am in my pajamas.
8:16am - Refocus.
8:17am - Work on Poppy Seed card.
8:38am - Set up area to take photograph of card.
8:39am - Search through the house for NavyGuy's good camera.
8:42am - Realize he probably has it in his car, or has just hidden it from me because I tend to forget to put the memory card back in it, and then when he wants to use the camera, he has to retrieve the memory card from my laptop...
8:43am - Finally take a photo of my card using my camera
8:45am - Upload card to computer.
8:46am - Futz with lighting in the photo.
8:50am - Decide that in the photograph, the yellow on my card looks orange, and therefore, I have to make a new card so there's no doubt I have yellow on my card.
9:15am - Finally finish making second card for the challenge.
9:16am - Do another hunt for the good camera just in case I missed it during my first sweep of the house.
9:20am - Admit camera defeat.
9:21am - Reconfigure set-up for photograph so there's no lighting issues this go-round.
9:23am - Upload card to computer.
9:26am - Edit photo and decide lighting is satsifactory.
9:27am - Write blog post for photo.
9:36am - Debate whether blog post makes me sound like a crazy person.
9:38am - Realize that's a moot point.
9:40am - Publish blog post.

There you have it. Almost three hours. And that was a three hours that actually produced some sort of tangible results!


Rearden March 4, 2010 at 9:45 PM  

And let's just add to the very beginning of this timeline:
0627 - NavyGuy leave the house and is already at work proctoring an exam by the time NavyWife is out of bed.

historygirlie March 5, 2010 at 7:07 AM  

Oh Maverick.....pity party for one! back table!

If we want to make this very fair....

4:45 AM: Historygirlie is up with a two year old wanting to watch the Wiggles, even though HG hasn't slept much that night because #2 decided to hold a 1 infant dance party in utero. And somehow kick the pinched nerve in said Mumma's back. Wiggles party in Mumma's bed commences once Farmer hauls out of bed at 5;05 AM because he just gives up on sleep because Kitty decides that she also wants to play Mountain Goat on her sleeping daddy.

And so the day begins in FarmTown....

:) Just kidding Maverick.

Ahhh, Mugs, I miss those days of pandering around in jammies, without someone following around asking for Elmo and waffles and milk. :) enjoy it while you can!

Anonymous,  March 5, 2010 at 8:50 AM  

I hear you HG! If I have to listen to the Wonder Pets theme song one more time, I'm going to hurt someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rearden March 6, 2010 at 11:26 AM  

Linney, tuck, and Ming ming TOO!!!!

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