Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happenings and Going-Ons

I have to go back to work Thursday and I'm dreading it as much as most new moms must. Tally will have to be left for several hours without us!!! I know, I know - it's not equivalent to having to take your human baby to daycare for the first time. But I'm feeling guilty already. What if she's scared? What if she resents us? What if she poops in her crate while we're gone? (I guess most parents don't have to worry about that specific concern.) The rational grown-up part of me knows she'll be fine... but the rest of me is freaking out!

In other news, Tally met mom tonight... over Skype! "Grandma" is already over the moon about her grandpuppy, and seems ready to hop on the next flight to Seattle for a little face-to-face time with the cutie-pie. NavyGuy's parents and his sister met Tally the night before (again via the magic that is the internet and a webcam); I swear this puppy isn't going to have a moment alone once everyone arrives for Thanksgiving :)

And in non-canine news, NavyGuy is getting closer and closer to finishing his training, and officially graduating. It seems like he's been a flight students forEVER, but if all goes as planned (which, let's face it, it's the Navy - that ain't gonna happen), he'll graduate next Friday and find out what squadron he'll be joining. Send lots of good weather and working airplane thoughts our way, so that he can finish quickly!


Sister November 5, 2009 at 8:26 AM  

(Almost) congrats NavyGuy!

And yes, poor Tally will be completely overwhelmed with a multitude of family and friends fawning over her constantly at Thanksgiving...but that's what puppies are for! :)

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