Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Newlyweds Series: Hobbies

What are your favorite things to do together/hobbies you both enjoy together?

Thought we certainly have our separate interests (crafts and computers to name a few), we definitely have many things we like to do together. The biggest one that anyone who knows us would say is - go to movies. We go to TONS of movies. Since we got Tally we've been slacking a bit, but now that we're approaching serious-award-winning-movie-release-season, we'll kick it into high gear and get back up to at least one a week. We have some unusual movie-theater quirks...

a) NavyGuy buys a large Sprite that we share, cuz I won't drink brown sodas (don't ask), while I score middle of the row, towards the back, but not the back row seats, away from teenagers who will talk through the movie, or old people who will also talk through the movie and will get up to pee eight times, thus blocking our view
b) we count the number of trailers and complain if there's less than five before the movie.
c) NavyGuy jokes that he can't remember what movie we came to see
d) we watch the movie intently,

Aside from our movie obsession, we also like trying new restaurants, finding new tv shows to become obsessed with and then watching entire seasons at a crack, window shopping, hanging out at Barnes and Noble reading, and playing board games. Well, correction. I love playing board games, and NavyGuy really likes them as well, he just doesn't always like playing them with me. Allegedly (never been proven or even supported with any substantial evidence), I'm a poor loser and I cheat. Bah. But NavyGuy is a good husband and he agrees to play board games with me anyway (and I suspect he lets me win to avoid divorce).

What fun hobbies do you all share with your husband or wife?


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