Thursday, May 7, 2009

Catching Up...

Whew!  I got back to Fondy this afternoon, after spending three days in St. Paul with TWP.  We had a two page list of things to accomplish... and we actually got everything done!  A few highlights:

~ We celebrated Cinco de Mayo at the Mall of America with burritos for lunch.  Very authentic :)  My little goddaughter/flower girl was a real trooper that day and put up with our marathon shopping trip shockingly well - once we let her out of the stroller to run through Archiver's like a banshee.

~ We put a final coat of paint on flower girl's new bedroom, hung curtains, assembled an IKEA toddler bed (which we started working on at 10:30 at night... sober), arranged furniture, hung a photo and a princess bed net, and decorated with numerous vinyl wall decals.  Martha (Stewart) and Bob (Villa) would be highly impressed.

~ Tags for the favor boxes?  Check.  Strips of decorative paper to denote menu choice for the escort cards?  Check.  Table numbers?  Check.  One and a half bottles of wine, half a bag of M&Ms, and a vat of guacamole consumed?  Check.  

There's lots more to report on the wedding project front, but I'm waiting until this weekend when I can take a breath and find time to write a few posts with actual photos.  NavyGuy and I get married two weeks from Saturday (TWO WEEKS), and I'm doing my best to stay organized and optimistic.  Organized so things go as well as possible, and optimistic so I don't care as much when the inevitable disasters strike.  Hope everyone else has as much fun as I did these past few days!  Thanks TWP, FG, and TWP's Hubby for having me - seriously, can we live in the same zip code soon? :)


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