Sunday, May 10, 2009

DIY Table Numbers

Wedding Madness!!!! I don't know how much time I'm going to have to show off the wedding details before the big day (we're down to less than two weeks - AGHHHH), but I promise anything that doesn't get posted before May 23rd, will simply be fodder for more extensive (and better written) posts after the shindig is over.

I just cannot wait on this project however, so I've put all the wedding tasks aside for the moment to showcase one of my favorite details so far - the table numbers. I know, I know - really minor in the larger scheme of things, but I saw a cool idea on almost two years ago, and I was hooked immediately.

The table numbers are basic numbers - 1, 2, 3, 15, and so on. But on each number, there is a photo of myself and one of NavyGuy at the corresponding numerical age. In other words, the peeps who are seated at Table 3, get to view cutey pictures of us at that age! I'm psyched - it was a chance to show off more photos (which everyone loves at a wedding), without going through the technical headache of trying to put together a slide show, etc.

I wanted the table numbers to still compliment our color scheme and the general classy-ness of the tables, so I started with dark brown tents.

The paper is 6"x6". In order to attach the two pieces at the top, I simply made one sheet a smidge longer, so I could fold it underneath and attach it to the other side. (TWP and I worked on this during our "Flip That Room" extravaganza.) We also added a piece of dark brown ribbon on the inside of the tent, so that they wouldn't slide open too far or fall over.

(Don't you love my professionally edited photo to show you where the ribbon goes?)

I printed all of the photos I wanted to use in black and white (it took days to go through the boxes of photos that both my and NavyGuy's mom have saved since our childhood... and even longer to estimate our ages in many of the photos!). Color photos would also work fine, but I wanted them to look a little more subdued. The photos were cropped to 5"x3.5". I printed the actual table numeral on cream paper, and opted to make all of the layouts the same, regardless of whether the photo was horizontal or vertical. The cream paper was trimmed to 5.5" square, and the photo was layered on top.
Here you can see a variety of the first step before we attached everything to the brown table tent. (Yes, that's obviously me in the photos - and yes, I really was that cute. God only knows what's happened since then.)
And here's toddler NavyGuy!

We attached all of the cream papers to the brown tents, and boom! Table numbers that will hopefully help our guests find their seats, and entertain them while they're there. I do pity the poor folks that have to sit at tables 9 through 14...


Anonymous,  May 11, 2009 at 8:48 AM  

The photos DO NOT do these justice! They turned out SOOOO cute. I think the guests will love them!


historygirlie May 11, 2009 at 12:02 PM  

I'm so excited to see them! Bro and Sis in law had a similar event....they named their tables after things they love, so some poeple are going to be sitting at the "Kitty" table, someone else at "Soccer", a few at "Canning and Preserving", and so forth. THey were so excited to discuss them yesterday at brunch. :)

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