Monday, May 11, 2009

Program Woes


The programs are officially kicking my ass.*

I've been trying to decide on a design for weeks. I like none of the ones that are possible with my now limited time constraints, supplies, and budget. I don't even like any of the ones that would break my budget or require crafting from now until twenty minutes before I head down the aisle.

Having not admitted defeat yet, I refuse to quit and either a) throw together a haphazard piece o' crap that will forever haunt my wedding memories**, or b) forgo programs all together***.

Thus, tomorrow, between a haircut and a trip to Madison for several wedding errands and a dress fitting, I need to come up with a master program plan that
a) solves the font-sizing-readability conundrum
b) involves a booklet
c) does not involve a booklet needing 45 pages
d) does not involve a booklet wherein I fold a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 white paper in half and scrawl our names and the date across the front in a fit of bridal fury

And so I charge ahead!

*meaning, my anal-retentive, type A, OCD, perfectionist self will not settle for something that's "fine" but instead keeps redoing and retyping in varying fonts, layouts, sizes, etc convinced there is a magic design that will satisfy me.

** becoming more of a possibility as the clock ticks down to wedding day.

***something I will threaten to do at least eight more times before the damn things are finally done.


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