Friday, May 15, 2009


1. Finish shopping for ring bearers and flower girl.  Check.  This one was easy-peasy.

2. Locate super hot heels for rehearsal dinner, that are not only comfortable, but make my calves look thinner than my thighs.  Eh, sort of.  Found some nice blush colored heels at Kohls, which fit my criteria of comfortable and cheap.  They're more along the lines of sophisticated rather than hot, but such is life.
3. Locate appropriate bachelorette party outfit.  Score!  We're doing a girls' dinner and then a sleepover party at my MOH's house, so I just needed a schnazzy top to go with jeans and cute shoes.  Macy's came through with a gauzy, floaty sleeveless top (I can't for the life of me find a photo online) - on sale!
4. Stock up on tape runner refills which (of course) are mysteriously out at the Wal-Mart in town.  Check.  Five more refills ready to finish up all of the last wedding DIY projects.
5. Return the three pairs of shoes that Mom isn't going to wear at the wedding.  Check.  
6. Round up the remaining gifts for the groomsmen.  Um, 1 for 5?  No worries though, because the remaining four can be purchased in town.
7. Stop in at Barnes and Noble for one specific item, and leave without having convinced myself that any other items are necessary.  Fail.  I left with the specific item, plus a scrapbooking magazine.  The justification was that I needed something to read while I ate my wonderful lunch of...
8. Decide between a sandwich at Atlanta Bread,  or a burrito from Pancheros for lunch.  Sandwich.  Deeeeeelish.
9. Buy what seems like the four thousandth roll of ribbon involved in this wedding.  Three more rolls of pink ribbon for the programs, plus brown paper, a bone folder to make nice creases, and a few more guest book stickers on sale at Archiver's.
10. Visit with HistoryGirlie, Kitty, and my old peeps at the high school!!!!  Heck yeah!  HistoryGirlie made me a fabulous dinner of her famous fettuchini and garlic bread, then we helped Kitty drive around the yard in her new Cozy Coupe, and ended the night with some gossip and Grey's.

I could keep going, but the to-do list for today is just as long if not longer, and sadly, involves significantly fewer fun shopping tasks.  Have a great weekend all!

I'll update on my progress tonight...


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