Friday, May 1, 2009

Dream Analysis Anyone?

Here's the wedding nightmares I've had so far...

A few weeks ago: randomly, throughout my wedding day, my teeth were falling out.  Just one at a time, falling straight out of my mouth, landing on the floor, and bouncing away.  Miraculously, I seemed very calm about the whole thing, and was only worried that someone pick up the fallen tooth and stash it somewhere, so I could put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy that night.  A realistic fear for my wedding day?  Well... it wasn't before.

Three days ago: my MOH and I get trapped in the top floor of the parking structure across from the venue.  Somehow we cannot exit out the bottom floor and are instead debating possible zipline maneuvers off the roof.  As we wander the parking structure, she goes from being not pregnant, to a full nine month belly in the course of maybe an hour.  I suppose Freud would say I'm concerned about her going into labor during the wedding (MOH will be a solid eight months preggo by then), but I can't figure out the parking garage angle...

Last night: NavyGuy forgets to bring his bass, because apparently, along with being the groom, he was going to provide the cocktail music.

I swear, I am going to be so thrilled when this dang wedding is over just so I can go back to having dreams about showing up to the first day of middle school without any clothes.  

Oh!  And in non-dream news, I have a small bump on my left eyelid.  It's been there for a while, but I honestly didn't notice it... until NavyGuy, my mom, and HistoryGirlie brought it to my attention.  It's been there for a few weeks now, but since it didn't hurt, itch, or seem to be growing, I chose to add it to the list of things I wasn't going to worry about (not a very long list).  Well, after a little WedMD-ing yesterday, I'm now worried.

Looks like I have a chalazion (kind of sounds like "ca-lazy-eye"), and the google image search produced these gems:

What mine looks like now
See full size image

Tonight's likely nightmare topic

I raided the Target pharmacy yesterday and am putting a warm compress on it every twenty minutes - if it's not gone by Monday, I suppose I'll have to see a real doctor and probably have some horrific procedure done.  Is this wedding over yet?


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