Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Projects

The term resolutions is so "first-decade-of-the-twenty-first-century," you know? ;)

And really, all of these projects on my list are just that - projects. They won't be completed in one day, they won't all be fully finished by the end of the year, many of them are ongoing activities that I'd simply like to focus on more. In no particular order, here are the Projects for 2010:

1. Record wedding memories. Ideally I'd get the physical scrapbooks done and the blogging, but realistically, I'd like to at least get all the blog recaps written while the memories are still (relatively) fresh. That way, I can work my way through the scrapbooking at an enjoyable pace, knowing that the bulk of the journaling is done and preserved here for whenever I finally get around to the glue and stickers.

2. Ignore the rules and just scrapbook. I'm done trying to make pages in perfect chronological order; if I feel like making the page about this year's Thanksgiving (even though Thanksgiving 2008 isn't done), so be it. If I feel like putting random pictures from June 2009 on one page and calling that month's events done, so be it. I miss the fun of scrapbooking and I want it back! (So be it.)

3. Secure Washington state teaching license. Apparently, the state will only give you two temporary licenses before they force you to pony up and pay for the state tests required for a permanent license. Blargh. Unfortunately, I can't sub anymore until I take the tests and get my official teaching license. So, I signed up, forked over the requisite test fees, and now I just have to review some world history and econ, and hopefully I'll have this one checked off the list soon.

4. Finish the grad class I've been avoiding and move on in the program. Statistics sucks. Sorry all you math folks, but it's boring, tedious, and I've been putzing through the course for almost a year. Yes, embarrassing to admit but true. It's gotten so bad that the university has come a callin' a couple times to find out if I'm still enrolled... or even alive (um, as long as I keep sending you people checks do you really care that I've been opting to do pretty much anything besides read a statistics textbook?) Anyway, all of the other courses I need to complete are actually directly related to education and sound interesting, so I need to just finish this damn statistics requirement and put it behind me.

5. The 2010 Book Challenge. (Duh.)

That's it. No major proclamations of getting healthy, cutting out pizza rolls or ice cream, exercising five times a week, losing 10 pounds, or completing a marathon (though I'm sure this is on Sister's list and you go girl!). As much as I value setting goals and having things to work for, I just refuse to set myself up for failure this year. NavyGuy will be deployed for six months. I'll be living by myself, raising a crazy dog, and keeping everything together one day at a time. I have no way to predict how those six months are going to go. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised at the end of 2010, as opposed to disappointed because I wanted to be perfect when NavyGuy returned and instead I gained five pounds of (chocolate/wine/pizza roll) weight.

What resolutions/goals/projects for 2010 are you willing to announce to the blogosphere?


ebs handler January 5, 2010 at 4:34 AM  

I think I'm going with "Finish It" for my resolution this year. Too, too many projects started, not to mention in my head, that have been left undone. (Moulding replaced from a certain piano incident?!?!?)
I'll certainly add in a few books, but they must be finished as well, regardless of how many 6th grade papers need to be read (that will NOT be fun reading!)

historygirlie January 5, 2010 at 1:09 PM  

I'm making my bed every day before work.

i'm going to keep my craft room clean.

Once #2 comes, i'm going to work to try to have my thighs NOT rub together so much. :) They'll always touch, but maybe one day I can wear corderoys again without fear of fire. :)

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