Friday, January 29, 2010

Escape to Wisconsin: Travel Itinerary

Thursday, 7:00pm - Board airporter shuttle for a two hour trip down to SeaTac airport.

9:10pm - Arrive at airport and get checked in for flight.

9:20pm - Survive TSA security checkpoint with minimal irritation.

9:30pm - Settle in for a three hour wait for my flight (the 7pm shuttle is the latest option, so I had no choice but to get to the airport way early).

12:06am - Board. Remember that I booked late and got left with a middle seat. Bah. (Luckily I'm a pro and can sleep anywhere, anytime.)

(We're into Friday now...)

3:30am - Land in Minneapolis. Switch to central time zone... so it's now 5:30am.

5:45am - Walk 1/2 a mile through the airport to get to my terminal for the connecting flight. Stop for a tea from the Sbux.

6:15am - See Mom has commented on my blog and wants me to come home and shovel... oh if only she knew!

6:17am - Debate calling her and breaking the surprise early. Restrain myself.

6:30am - Board my second flight. More sleeping.

8:30am - Land in Milwaukee, WI! Collect my luggage, find the rental car counter, chat up Joe the rental car dude, get suckered into insurance for the car (whoops), and head out for Fondy.

9:46am - Again, debate calling Mom and spilling the beans. Reason that I can make it one more hour, I'm so close, don't do it! I throw my cell phone in the backseat where I can't reach it to prevent a last minute will-power break.

10:30am - Pull into Culver's in Fondy. Walk out with hot, fresh french fries.

10:40am - Head over to Mom's school...


keby January 29, 2010 at 3:27 PM  

I love that your first stop in Fondy was Culver's!

historygirlie January 30, 2010 at 9:47 AM  

I'm amazed that all you got at culvers was hot dog or concrete shake?

(Baby #2 says SHAME. play up the fast food as much as you can!!!)

You need to post these updates more than once a day...even though I know the story, I want to read it all at once!

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