Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Movie of 2010: Avatar

Oh James Cameron... must you make your movies 2 1/2 hours long? Why? Why do you insist on torturing me like that? You know I can't go 160 minutes without having something to drink, and therefore, I can't make it through your movies in the theater without performing advanced yoga moves while trying to escape my middle-of-the-row (with less leg room and aisle space than an airplane) seat and make it to the bathroom during what I hope will be the most boring, non-crucial-plot-point of the second act...

At least this movie was set in a forest. Albeit a crazy otherworldly forest with super tall blue people running around. The last time I saw a Cameron movie in the theater it was 1997... and there was a sinking boat. And just a couple drops of RUSHING WATER.

You pull this crap one more time James, and I'm gonna force six gallons of Mountain Dew down your throat, then tie you up next to a babbling brook, just down river from a ROARING WATERFALL.


historygirlie January 3, 2010 at 7:01 AM  

I know it's supposed to be an amazing movie, great CGI (or whatever) but I just can't seem to get excited over it! I have no interest in seeing this movie.

Of course, the last flick I saw in the theater was Harry Potter, and I get to about 2 movies in 2 years (at least that's my last time span of movies) so my movie choices for the movie shelter are pretty picky.

Basically Harry Potter. :)

WesternShorebird January 3, 2010 at 9:27 AM  

Oh no! I guess I didn't drink enough Diet Coke to make the scenery of Pandora make me want to change my scenery!

I thought Avatar was awesome. The plot was a little formulaic, but the movie was gorgeous, especially on the Imax screen at the MN Zoo. What was your final rating?

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