Monday, February 1, 2010

Escape to Wisconsin: The Finale

By Wednesday morning, I was full of yummy Wisconsin food, my nose hairs had finally started to freeze when I walked outside (there was an unusual warm spell until the last day of my visit... a whopping 38 degrees a few days!), and I'd managed to see everyone on my "must-see-list."

I headed down to the airport, got frisked by the TSA (apparently my Wisconsin t-shirt and backpack looked suspicious), and have an uneventful flight back to Washington.

Would I do the whole thing again? If it isn't clear by now, then I don't know what recap you've been reading. The trip was AWESOME! I have never had a vacation where everything actually worked out as planned. All the surprises went off without a hitch. None of my flights were delayed or became major debacles. The weather cooperated (mostly). And I think everyone enjoyed my visit :)

Mom, did I miss anything important in the recaps? HG, anything you feel the need to add? Am I forgiven for shocking all of you? :)


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