Monday, February 1, 2010

Love Grows

Inspired by a Starbucks mug and a card I saw online, this is my go to design for Valentine's Day 2010.

And I finally found a white pen that will actually show up on dark paper!!!! (insert Hallelujah chorus)It's the Uniball Signo White Gel Pen, and I am totally buying them in bulk now. I first spotted them at Archiver's, but have since seen them at other specialty scrapbooking stores (and would maybe guess you could find them at Office Max or Staples? Don't hold me to that, but if anyone spots them elsewhere, please share with the group). Anyhoo, the pen rocks - the ink is solid white, shows up on all dark paper, and flows very smoothly. The brown paper I used for this particular card even has a slight shimmer to it, and the ink popped off the page without a single smudge.

Okay, pen gushing over. The card was made very simply with just little punched out hearts, and the white pen. I outlined all the hearts, drew in the stems, leaves, and sentiment, and that was that! I used a thin glue pen to attach all the small hearts, but you could also throw them through a Xyron sticker maker machine and achieve the same solid hold.

How's that for getting the most out of my three dollar latte!


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