Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

I window shopped in downtown Pensacola today and discovered a cute gift shop, The Emerald Turtle. As cute as it was, I managed to refrain from making any purchases (although I have since made the dangerous discovery that they are online...).

I also weeded today. No, we do not have a garden (black thumb here, black like death). What we have is a prehistoric jungle lining the garage and walkway to the front door. It had reached epic proportions, and walking into the house became a hopscotch game of sorts (Marine #1 attempted to battle one of the 4 foot tall weeds away from the path yesterday - needless to say, the weed won.) After my assault today however, the weeds fear me. I was tempted to photograph the before and after, but I'd rather not showcase the trailer-park-esque atmosphere we had been living in. NavyGuy arrived home when I was in the middle of the project. He stood in his flight suit watching me for a minute, and then commented, "Huh. You know, you could plant some flowers there now that the weeds are gone." Silence. He went inside after that... before he got pelted with even more weeds and dirt.

Shot Over a Plate of Corn Dogs
[Shaking my head in awe and horror.] I feel less sad about not going back to teaching right away in September. (Though I do understand the ire invoked when someone attempts to take my meat.)

Wedding Trends Gone Psychotic
Prenuptial agreements for bridesmaids and individual cakes for each (EACH!) guest are my favorites on this list of the most extreme wedding trends to date. I am a fan however, of this couple's choreographed first dance... they definitely give Johnny and Baby a run for their money! (Watch the guests' reactions when they realize the couple actually learned the dance.)


Beer Widow July 17, 2008 at 9:30 AM  

I hope you're happy. I watched the video, and actually CRIED. There is a mascara stream down my right cheek, and the day has barely begun. Also, it's less than a month now, and I've decided you need to move in with me until this whole debacle is over...

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