Monday, July 28, 2008

Wedding Recap #1 - Bachelorette Party Dinner

I have returned!  Slowly but surely, I'll work my way through all of the fun and fiascos of sister's wedding.  Installment #1 - the Bachelorette Party! (Note: this is the unedited version of the evening - reader discretion is advised ;)

All of the bridesmaids arrived at the Hilton in Madison on Thursday afternoon, and got dolled up for a night out.  In our highest heels, with cute clutches in hand, (except for me - I was playing mom that night and carrying my giant silver bag... from here on out nicknamed "the satchel.") we strode down State Street to Frida Mexican Grill.  Sister chose this locale for dinner because of her deep love of Mexican food, as well as their convenient half-price margaritas on Thursdays!

And did we do those margaritas proud!  The drink of choice at the table was the 67 oz Frida Gigantic Margarita (photo will be posted later).  There's nothing like a margarita the size of a gallon of milk to help ladies bond quickly.  The roster for the evening included the Maid of Honor (aka MOH buddy), Sister's friend from Baltimore (AL), Sister's high school friends (JM and TT), Sister's cousin (JB), and yours truly.  We made quick work of our drinks and began showering Sister with gifts.  JB and I created a "Honeymoon Package" that contained one (and only) thing the bride would need to wear each evening of her eventual honeymoon.  The gift for the first night - a giant shiny 8 carat diamond engagement ring (can you measure cubic zirconium from Claires in carats?)  For the rest of the evening, Sister flashed her new bling to everyone.

The dinner continued with great food, Sangrias, shots, more gifts (two pairs of sassy underwear which the bride chose to fling into the air and poll the entire restaurant on - our table voted for the lime green lace number over the plaid boyshorts), and enough belly laughing to count as my ab workout for the week.  However dinner was merely a prelude to the night's main event... :)


Anonymous,  July 28, 2008 at 12:28 PM  

M- I need more! Call me!!!!!

Macy's mom

P.S. I have been called to jury duty and I could not possibly be anymore pissed off about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think a few margaritas may help to mollify this as well...

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