Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wedding Recap #3 - Rehearsal

Friday was spent making final preparations.  There were nails to be painted and Target stores to be visited.  The ladies reconvened at the hotel in the afternoon to get pretty for the evening rehearsal and dinner.  Decked out in cute summer dresses, the bride and her entourage walked over to the Capitol building to do a run-through of the ceremony.

The bride, with all the precision of a general prepping troops for battle, organized her maids and men into their appropriate spots, and marched us up and down the aisle numerous times.  The ceremony music was a variety of songs that would be played on Sister's red iPod... but the speakers for said iPod would not be arriving until the following day.  So the rehearsal consisted of Sister standing in the back parlor off of the assembly chamber, listening to the music on her earbuds, and yelling directions to the rest of us as we processed up the aisle ("no, slower!  stop, okay, now you go, wait, er...")  You get the idea.

Aside from the music madness and a slight giggle fit from the wedding party at some of the wording during the ceremony (apparently the words 'intensity' and 'passion' are funny when you're a 24 year old boy), the rehearsal went off without a hitch.  After a few more snapshots, we got reorganized and headed for dinner at Tutto Pasta...


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