Saturday, July 19, 2008


I have had several inquiries (complaints) from my legions of fans about my lack of posting yesterday, so I wanted to throw something up here quick to keep the masses calm. My computer is currently being operated on by Dr. NavyGuy (no worries, just a little checkup before I'm gone for a month).

Anyway, I will still be posting while I'm in the glorious North, but in the meantime I have to finish packing (how many suitcases is considered extreme for a month vacation... six? eight?). 16 hours and counting until I make my triumphant return (or as my mother phrased it: "you're swapping hurricanes and cockroaches for tornadoes and mosquitos!"). Bring on the Culvers!

[If the doc clears my computer for discharge I'll post more after dinner, but his keyboard is too annoying to type anymore on.]


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