Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wedding Recap #4 - Rehearsal Dinner

Editor's Note: This will be my only wedding recap for today because I have exciting plans in Appleton for the remainder of the evening.  Tune in later tomorrow when I finally get to recapping the actual wedding!

Post practice wedding ceremony, we headed over to Tutto Pasta for the rehearsal dinner.  And so began my weekend of consuming large quantities of wine (more on that later...).  Highlights included:

~ Endless appetizers of mozzarella sticks, little pizzas, salad, and yummy soup, (all of which necessitated the groom and groomsmen doing deep breathing exercises for days beforehand in order to stuff as much food in as possible).

~ A beautiful atrium setting with little votive candles hanging from the ceiling.

~ Did I mention lots of wine?

~ A discussion with the 7 year old flowergirl:
Flowergirl: [pointing at the small boxes holding the gifts for the groomsmen] "What's that?"
Mugs: "Gifts for the boys who are in the wedding."
Flowergirl: "Oh.  Well what are they?"
Mugs: "I don't know.  What do you think would be a good gift for them?"
Flowergirl: [pause]  "Deodorant."

She's so wise :) (and practical!)

~ Awesome bridal party gifts!!  Sister found funky scented soaps for each of us girls, tailored to our habits (one girl got Sangria, I of course got Chardonnay...  apparently Sister thinks my main hobby is imbibing...).  The soaps are from a company called Hydra, and they also have floral, seasonal, and ice cream flavors!  We also got personalized gift cards to places that we would actually shop at (hooray for Paper Source!)

We filled up on pasta, then headed back to the hotel.  The boys I believe played video games of some variety, while the girls watched Step Up and had JB give us French tip nails.  Oh, and there was champagne.  (If you haven't already guessed, the theme of this weekend could rightfully be called "Love and Liquor"... or maybe "Love OF Liquor...)  Eventually we got to bed so we could get our beauty sleep for the big day!


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