Friday, August 1, 2008

Wedding Recap #5 - Morning of...

And so began our attempts to completely annihilate any remaining oxone layer with epic quantities of hairspray.  12 ladies were having their hair styled in one small hotel room, and I suspect most of us were high on fumes for the majority of the day.  Shift number one was the mother of the bride, and two aunts of the bride.  Mom found her phrase of the day ("lock and load") and insisted that her stylist "lock" her bangs after every time she took more than 4 steps.  (She also did a scary 1980s headbanger impersonation to be certain that none of the 139 bobby pins holding her curls in place would move.  Trust me - none did.  I arrived at her hotel morning the next day to find her 'do exactly the same as it had been 24 hours earlier.  That's some powerful hairspray).

Alas, I digress.  The styling continued with the mother of the groom, bridesmaids, flower girl, and finally the bride.  Sister had done a test-run hairdo Thursday, with a very stylish and trendy low-side bun (not reminiscent of the the side-pony ala NKOTB days).  It looked fantastic, but she quickly discovered that she could not move her head without looking like a robot, and it was difficult to talk on the phone with a mound of hair in the way (and half of it fell out before we even got to dinner that evening).  So for the day of, she opted for the same low bun scenario, but placed squarely in the back of her head.  Very classic, very simple, very Sister.  (All you get is a back shot for now - you'll see her face in later posts!)

I got all kinds of adventurous, with a French twist/side curl mound type creation.  I was quite pleased with it in the end, and it also did not move for the entire day.  Our attempts to put makeup on the bride were fruitless (there were even threats of a gang pile on top of her, while someone attacked her with an eyeliner pencil, but we chickened out - Sister is awfully strong and if memory serves, resorts to a vicious nail gouge attack if provoked).  Regardless, she looked stunning, and the sparkly headband completed her look.

Mom and the aunts disappeared to track down flowers, and I was left to watch over the flower girl, who was waaaaay excited to be getting her hair done like the big girls - curls and all - plus she had a headband that matched the bride!  Somehow I was ready way beforehand, and managed to sit around on my tush for too long, until all of a sudden I needed to be dressed and powdered, like, NOW.  NavyGuy arrived, I rushed him over to the other boys, flew back over to the hotel, found my dress, ran to the bride's room in time to shove her in her gown and have my first encounter with the sweaty (like a runaway slave) photographer, threw my makeup in a bag, got my sash tied by another bridesmaid, took one look in the mirror, and headed for the Capitol! (Capitol?  Capital?  Wow, I should definitely know this, but I am way to lazy to look it up.  For God's sake someone let me know which way it's spelled before I misspell it 800 times in the ceremony recap.)

Up next: Hitchin' Time!!


Spouse,  August 1, 2008 at 6:36 PM  

It's Capitol - Sister yelled at me for posting under anonymous.

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