Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to Business

Hello hello!  Oh how I've missed you!  I arrived back in Wisconsin at 1:30am last night (early this morning... whatever), and will be here for exactly 38 hours before departing once again to return to Florida.  In that time, I only need to pack all of my worldly possessions in two medium sized suitcases (I have perhaps accumulated a few extra items since leaving Florida in July... is it tacky to wear four t-shirts, and shorts over jeans, in order to free up precious suitcase space?  You're right - I don't think so.)  Somehow I've also managed to arrive here in Wisconsin with ONLY 2 books - yes, TWO - and now I'm leaving with 8.  Not including magazines.  And a pop culture crossword puzzle book.  And my wedding binder.  And a new scrapbook.  Plus some scrapbook supplies that were CLEARANCE at Archivers.  Sigh.  NavyGuy - you best bring the truck to pick me up from the airport; the car will simply not be able to handle the weight.

In the coming days there will need to be a wedding recap, Olympics catch-up, and other stories from my travels with mom.  Hope everyone else had a great weekend - can't wait to start writing again!


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