Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Speedy Swimmers

Unless you've been living under a rock (in Antarctica... with headphones on...), you probably already know that more and more world record times are being set during swimming races in these Olympics.  Some attribute that to simply better swimmers, but as the Herald International Tribute investigates, it's actually a combination of several factors that are producing such speedy times.

One of the most cited factors is the new LZR Racer swimsuit, which aims to make athletes more aerodynamic in the water, thus reducing drag.  Couple that with the specifications of the Olympic pool in Beijing (deeper than most, extra lanes to collect waves, special plastic lane buoys), the increase in sports-science technology to study breathing techniques, stroke movements, etc., and the fact that swimmers have more and more incentive to be record breaking, and suddenly it doesn't seem as surprising that Rowdy Gains is constantly screaming, "That's a new world record!"

Also of note - apparently, while we here in the US have become rabid Phelps fanatics (or at least some of us), there are still many in China who don't even know who he is.

And that's been your Olympics news for the day.  Unfortunately, I have a jam-packed schedule in the coming days, and limited internet access, so new posts will be sporadic at best.  In the meantime, keep yourselves occupied with my suggested reading material (look right), and NBC's internet coverage of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics!!!  Go USA!!


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