Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mugs "Must" List - Late Edition

Your weekly roundup of my pop-culture suggestions (late because of travel and wedding-ness):

Yea!!!!!!  Mindless stupidity begins again.  Everyone can come out of the bad TV closet right now, cuz you know if you're under the age of 30, you watch, and love, this absurd MTV "reality" show.  I missed the season opener as I was on an airplane (weak excuse yes, but it's the best I've got), so I'm scanning MTV every two hours to wait for the replay.  I can only imagine that there were inane comments from Spencer, hair flipping by Heidi, and pensive sunlit shots of Lauren sitting at a cute restaurant, distraught over her latest friendship/relationship drama.  If you've somehow missed this gem, or are over the age of 30, or have thought yourself too educated to spend your time watching this drivel (no, you're not), check out the EW.com coverstory linked above so that you at least understand the pop-culture references when a Trivial Pursuit question comes up in the future.

Mom suggested this author, who sets many of his works in Florida, and has a biting black sarcastic tone (my favorite tone).  I knew after reading the acknowledgments that I was in for a ludicrous treat: 

"For their expertise on the most esoteric subjects, I am deeply grateful to my good friends, John Kipp (the finer points of skull collecting), Tim Chapman (the effects of canine shock collars on human volunteers), and Bob Branham (the care and handling of untamed South American coatimundis)."

Excellent.  A read that has you stopping every 20 pages and thinking, "Did I really just read that?".  Yes, you did.

Cracked.com, a comedy and humor site, posted this article featuring 15 photos of unbelievable sites.  As explained in the article, most look like they were created on some computer graphics program, but all have a real explanation.  I'm particularly amused by the steroid dog, and the inversion house.


Sister,  August 21, 2008 at 8:58 PM  

Damn it! How did I not know the Hills already started?! Working these 12 hour days is really cramping my style...thank goodness I have an ew.com-crazed-sister to keep me in the loop.

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