Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to School Shopping

So... if I had any money, or any job to return to in the fall, I would be thick in the throes of back to school shopping. There was never anything better growing up than August, when Sister and I would get to go to Kohl's to pick out our new pair of jeans and a new backpack. A couple new shirts, and we were ready for fall. Then the agony began - what to wear on the first day of school. Opinions would be solicited, fashion shows staged, the merits of various outfits debated (would this tank top meet the strap regulations at school? do I need to add a layer to account for air-conditioning? am I risking wearing something too trendy and popular that someone else cooler than me will have it on the first day as well - and look better in it?). Choosing a first day of school outfit (plus hairstyle) could encompass the entire last two weeks of August sometimes!

Alas... I have no money now, nor do I have a job to return to in the fall, so I have absolutely no need or excuse to do any back to school shopping. (Don't worry - I'll come up with some semi-legitimate reason for needing new clothes soon enough.) The upside to this though, is that I can shop for you people, and make excellent suggestions as to what you all should buy to go back to school, or start your Fall 2008 off on the right foot!

We'll begin slowly... tops (and yes, you'll have to click on the links for photos - this whole "insert a photo from a website" is still on my list of to-learns).

Blue Cable Knit SS Cardigan - Forever 21
How snuggly does this look? You could definitely throw a long sleeve cotton shirt underneath once it gets colder, but in the meantime, it's a great layering piece.

Ruffle-neck Tank - Gap
So freaking cute! Let me tell you ladies, it's all about the ruffles this season. We're back to looking feminine again; instead of trying to bowl the boys over with your butchness, you need to win them over with shirts that whisper, "I look like I'm just wearing a girly top, but it's a ruse inspired to distract you while I get promoted over you..." Plus, it comes in pink, or the uber hot slate gray color that my mother thinks makes a person look like she's wearing concrete.

Short Sleeve Swiss Dot Pullover - Ann Taylor Loft
Another ruffle option, with a more conservative take on the idea. I'm still on the fence about the second hot color this season: electric yellow (especially trendy if you pair it with the concrete, er, slate gray). the adventurous part of me thinks it's a bold idea that could work well with a nice neutral; the sensible part of me thinks I'll be mistaken for a school bus or yield traffic light.

Mossimo Supply Co. Long-Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee - Target
Love love love! Bought one last year, and then to my dismay, realized others loved them as well so when I went back to Mecca to buy more - only the XLs were left in a pukey green color. My advice - stock up on these early. They are your basics, people, you will wear them to death, and because you only spent 8.99 for them, you will not care. I recommend one in white, black, and at least one of your other favorite colors.

AE Boyfriend Cardigan - American Eagle Outfitters
And a fashion season wouldn't be complete without total contradictions. My InStyle magazine for this month advocates femininity; Elle announced that masculinity is in vogue. I give up. Apparently, aside from wearing stone wash jeans or socks with sandals, you can do no wrong. If you'd rather wear something slouchy and comfy, this sweater's for you.

Maggie L/S Solid Top by Roxy
- (free shipping!)
Preppy, yet unique. The shoulder buttons add just enough flare to make it memorable, but not so much bling that you look like you're trying too hard. I'd go for the chocolate brown, but the black is also fetching.

Florid Breeze Sweatercoat - Anthropologie
One of my new favorite stores (courtesy of my future sister-in-law, bless her heart), stocked with amazing pieces that you will not find at Wal-Mart. You are going to have to shell out a little more of your hard earned cash for this piece, but seriously - you would eat ramen for a month to be able to wear this, wouldn't you? Okay, even if you don't love this one (because let's face it, not everyone shares my love of all things pink, girly, flowery, or moderately 1950s), you must waste the next 30 minutes perusing their website. You will find something that is worth wearing (instead of paying for heat for a few months).

Funny T-Shirt -
Yeah, it's just funny. If you don't get it - what the heck were you doing in sixth grade while the rest of us were shooting slow moving buffalo?

The next installment of Mugs' BTSS 2008 - pants! In the meantime, what tops are you all emphatically swearing you'll die if you don't have?


historygirlie August 23, 2008 at 4:03 PM  

Oh my god, i NEED the funny t-shirt. I may just figure out how to make one myself. It's just hilarious!

I'm iffy on the ruffles, esp. the bared shoulder one. I think I'd feel like a drop out of the Packers Training Camp....check out that butch's shoulders!!!!! I like ruffles, but maybe not on me.

and I'm right there with you about the target t-shirt. The best ever. :)

Looking forward to BSS: Shoes!

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