Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kindergarten Humor

Last night's phone conversation with NavyGuy:

Me: So whatcha gonna do tomorrow?

NavyGuy: Well, I have a 5:45am brief, followed by two flights.

Me: Yeah, but whatcha gonna do after that?

NavyGuy: [Sigh.]  Well, I have to go to Walmart because I'm almost out of toilet paper.

Me: Yuck.  Walmart.

NavyGuy:  Yeah, well, "poop" happens.  [Edited for my younger readers]

Me:  [Pause... thinking].  Hehehe... yeah, and that's why you have to go to Walmart!  [exuberant belly laughing topped off with a snort]

Sometimes, I don't think NavyGuy gets enough credit.


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