Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dream Dress Shopping

Brace yourselves folks.  I'm not showing you a picture of the dress.

Before you start either blasting me with hate mail or abandoning the blog altogether, hear me out.  I have many rationales:
1) NavyGuy (otherwise known as, the GROOM), reads this blog, and despite his enormous willpower, I refuse to risk him being tempted in a moment of weakness, to sneak a peak.
2) My MOH and sister were not there to help pick it out, and I feel bad about that.  I did not intend to find a dress the day I was out with mom, my future mother-in-law (MIL), and future sister-in-law/bridesmaid (SIL), but when lightning strikes, you have to go with it.
3) I'm sharing almost every other detail about this wedding with any blog readers, friends, family, strangers on the street, etc., so I want to keep this one thing quiet.  It will be a great surprise that day, and I'll give you all more than enough details to get a suitable picture in your head.
4) I'm the bride.  (This statement is essentially a bridezilla-free-pass comeback, developed by my personal attendant, test-driven by my sister, and soon to be perfected by me.  It allows the bride to say and do slightly crazy things, and not have an actual legitimate excuse.  For instance, "I will only have my photo taken if I can continue to eat this granola bar.  I'm the bride."  See.  It's the equivalent of a mother's "Because I said so" response.)

Anyhoo, I hope everyone understands, and will still appreciate the story of finding the dress, and hearing lots and lots of details about it.  I have included links to dress style pages to help you get a better picture.

Off we go!  Most importantly, the dress description.  It is a Spring 2008 gown, so it's fairly new.  The top is strapless, but has a slight scoop to it.  Not really a sweetheart neckline, but not straight across.  I, and my shopping companions, found it very flattering.  (Again, remember the links are only for the specific aspect of the dress I'm referring to; ignore the crazy ruffly floofing at the bottom of this gown, and focus on the shape of the neckline :)

Next, the material is satin, with layers of organza overlay (the model is holding a layer of organza in her hand).  Then across the bodice and down the front in a light pattern is alencon lace.  I love it.  I'm crazy about lace, and I knew that was going to be a part of my dress, but many other gowns I was trying on had too much lace and it really made the dresses heavy.

The shape is a modified trumpet silhouette... meaning, it's fitted over my bust and down through the waist, and then begins to spread out into an A-line, so it swishes gloriously at the bottom.  Don't be alarmed - this is not a 1984 Miss America mermaid dress!  It's not skin tight to the knees, where the material then juts out at a terrifying angle, making it impossible to walk or even bend your knees.  This dress shape is the perfect marriage of an A-line and a sheath.  (And as my bridal consultant at the store remarked, "if you can wear it, flaunt it!").  This sample shows a little better how this silhouette looks when it doesn't stay as fitted down toward the knees, but instead begins flaring out around one's zipper area: Trumpet Sample #2 
Martha Stewart offers a brilliant tutorial in dress silhouettes here.  You can scan through lots of different trumpet styles and see how much nicer the ones that spread out above the knees are.

The train is made up of the satin and organza layers, chapel length (it spreads out about 2-3 feet behind me).  Because it's lighter material, the bustle won't add too much junk to my trunk.  I just love the dress.  It's the first one that I put on and felt like a grown-up who could actually be getting married; all of the others looked like I was playing dress up, or going to prom in a white dress.  I haven't narrowed down the veil yet, but I am certain that I will go simple on the jewelry so I don't detract from the lace on the dress (likely just a pair of fabulous earrings, and maybe a bracelet, but I don't want anything that will catch on the lace/organza).

I cannot wait for it to be finished (it's being made in Asia somewhere... I know, I know - hopefully not a sweatshop), and it should be shipped to the dress shop in Madison by Christmas!  The other reason I knew it was the one was because I didn't want to take it off.  I think we may have to go somewhere really really fancy for our honeymoon... cuz I might still have it on!


Anonymous,  August 7, 2008 at 7:43 PM  

I've cried, pouted and screamed for 5 minutes and now I'm ready to get behind my bride's decision (even though I have offered to fold, cut, and glue invites, guest cards, handmake favor boxes, spent hours looking for paper this enough guilt yet!?!?!?!). Although I of course want to see it, I will survive, however I may now be forced to tell you about my surprise that I was also going to offer to make as favors. I cannot be expected to take the've brought this onto yourself : )

Macy's mom

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