Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where do you learn to play field hockey?

One of my favorite parts of the Olympics is how quickly I get sucked into sports that in a normal setting I would have absolutely no interest in.  For example, this morning I have already watched soccer, field hockey, water polo, basketball, fencing, and sculling.  Do I know anything about most of those sports?  No.  Do I have a clue what the rules are?  No.  Does that matter?  Heck no!

So far I have learned:
1) you cannot touch the ball with your feet in field hockey
2) traveling, double dribbling, and lane violations are non-existent in Olympic basketball
3) water polo seems worse than waterboarding (you float... the entire game... imagine trying to play basketball, but without a floor below you)

And where along the way in life do you decide, hey, I might like to play field hockey.  Do kids play this in gym class and pick it up there?  I mean, soccer, track and field, bball - these sports are fairly common and kids have lots of opportunities to join school or community teams.  But where do you find a water polo team?  Can I sharpen the end of a yard stick and take up fencing?  The more I watch the more I refuse to give up my Olympic dreams.  If Dara Torres can still compete in the swimming events (at age 41... with a 2 year old daughter), who says I don't have a shot at joining the U.S. Olympic sculling team!


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