Thursday, September 3, 2009

Adventures in Home Ownership

We're having a bit of a garbage issue. The first week we lived here, neither garbage nor recycling were picked up. Last week, the garbage was picked up, but not the recycling; this week, the opposite.

NavyGuy tasked me with calling the city this morning and sorting out this refuse ridiculousness... (my un-voiced thoughts are italicized)

1st Phone Call
NavyWife: Hi, can I speak to someone about trash pickup?
Operator: Sure, I'll transfer you to Mark our sanitation supervisor.
(Ouch, someone with a worse title than my current one.)
Mark the Sanitation Supervisor: Hello?
NavyWife: Good morning, I'm calling because our garbage was not picked up yesterday.
Mark: I have NO idea.
(Is this supposed to be a general statement about your life, or are you referring to my problem? Cuz clearly I'm calling you because I as well, have no idea.)
NavyWife: Yes, well, I was told to speak to you about the problem. You see, we just moved into this house a few weeks ago and have been told different things about where to put the trash cans so I'm guessing that's part of the problem.
Mark: Who's telling you things?!
(Russian KGB operatives. Who do you think has been telling us?!?!?)
NavyWife: Well, the lady who gave my husband the new trash can sticker told him one thing, then the garbage man told us another thing, and the recycling guy told us a third thing.
Mark: Oh. Well, so what's your address?

This went on for a bit until Mark finally believed I had a legitimate city concern and was not just calling to punk him on a Thursday morning. Eventually, he told me to put the garbage can back out on the street, that someone would come pick it up yet today, and that the route supervisor would call me in a bit to confirm the street the cans should be on.

2nd Phone Call
NavyWife: Hello?
Unnamed Route Supervisor: Hello Ma'am, I'm calling about your trash.
NavyWife: Yes, I wanted to confirm which street our trash and recycling cans should go on for pickup.
Route Supervisor: Okay, give me your address... yup, you should put them on X street. Did you need either picked up today?
NavyWife: Yes, the trash please.
Route Supervisor: Alright ma'am, we'll take care of it.
(Score one for the little guy! Or gal. A municipal agency that actually deals with citizen concerns!)

8:30pm Tonight
Guess what was still sitting at the bottom of the driveway (unemptied!) when I arrived home from work...



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