Wednesday, September 30, 2009

World Card Making Day

I'm Batty for You

I'm still playing around with the best place to take card photos in the new house, so please excuse the odd angle of this card. The stamp is from Stampin' Up's set Batty for You... which is the sentiment on this cute stamp!

I opted for very simple - the colored paper on the bottom half are simply strips of striped patterned paper cut into strips, and spaced out so that the purple peeks through.

Using this card as an example, here's the tip for the day: simple doesn't mean boring! Sometimes crafters get too caught up in having many layers and embellishments and do-dads on their cards... all of those decorative details can be great on cards, but feeling like you have to use ribbon and brads and seventeen different layers of paper can ruin your crafting mojo. This is especially overwhelming for beginning card-makers, and can often paralyze a person. So, when it doubt, go simple.

Clean and Simple is a fabulous blog with tons of inspiration for this simple style. Take a few minutes to browse their "Fall-to-Layouts" if you've never visited the site; you'll be amazed at the gorgeous cards that can be made with just one layer of paper and a single stamp.


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