Monday, September 14, 2009

Message for NatalieW

Please don't think I've lost my mind, but all of you who aren't NatalieW are going to have absolutely no clue what this post is about. It's really just for NatalieW, someone who apparently reads this blog, lives in the area, and who NavyGuy thinks he met at a party in Anacortes once, but isn't sure... So anyway, I would simply send this message to NatalieW privately, but unfortunately, our only contact is through this blog! I have no email address for her, so this is the only surefire way I can think of to get a message to her.

So, from here on, it's probably not going to be interesting to anyone who isn't NatalieW - don't say I didn't warn you. To make up for this fake post, I'll write something else later tonight.

Okay, so... Dear NatalieW,

Hi! Thanks so much for the book club info! I checked out the website, and I'd definitely like to make the next meeting, but I'm a little confused. The website says you guys are reading The Woman in White... but also that you already discussed the book at the Sept. 1 meeting? Do you talk about the same book for several months? Or was that the book you picked to read for next month? When is the next meeting, by the way? Are they always at the Starbucks by the Thrive fitness in Oak Harbor? Lord knows I love me a good book (and a good Starbucks), so I'd love to try and make the next meeting.

Thanks so much - feel free to email or just leave a comment with any more oscwi book club info you've got!




NatalieW September 15, 2009 at 11:48 AM  

Hey NavyWife!
So glad you're interested in book club! Yeah, the website is a bit confusing since we didn't actually meet in September (I assumed it was updated--oops!). The Sept meeting was cancelled so I'm pretty sure we'll be discussing The Woman in White at the October meeting. It's always at the Starbucks near Thrive in Oak Harbor at 7pm on the first Tuesday of the month. Krista (the coordinator) is always looking for book suggestions, so if you have some ideas, bring them to the meeting. Also, have you joined the spouses's club? If you haven't, there's a party Sept 22nd for members and potential members. My email is I can send you the invite if you email me. I totally can't find your contact info on your blog. It's probably right in front of my face. :) Also, there's a cardmaking party coming up too.
Thanks for the post! I hope to meet you sometime! Also, I'm pretty sure I met your husband at one of Chip, Eric, and Chris's parties.

Brooklet September 15, 2009 at 8:21 PM  

OK nosy person here - are you guys talking about the OSCWI book club? Our squadron book club sort of died out so I was thinking of joining the base wide one, and was wondering if it was good or not. And I'm also going to butt in on the card making party thing. If I'm right its being held by the lady who sells Close to My Heart stuff (If I'm wrong then never mind), so you should definitely go! I was going to give you her contact info anyway to give you info about the company, but you should also go to the party :-). OK...I'll stop lurking on your topic that has nothing to do with me :-).

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