Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who Stole the... wait, he doesn't even know there's cookies!

NavyGuy is brilliant... BUT, not the most observant man on the planet.

Exhibit A: The new cookie jar...

The story begins with our realtor, who gave us a Pier One gift card when we closed on our house. Which I took to Pier One on Sunday. Where I picked out this white cookie jar...


... which I showed NavyGuy when I got home. Which he then watched me set on the kitchen counter, in PLAIN VIEW of all household occupants.

Apparently, the best place to hide a bag of Oreos in our house is IN the cookie jar. Cuz, they've sat there, untouched, since Sunday. When NavyGuy saw me buy a cookie jar.

My next project is going to be to store $20 bills in a piggy bank... he'll never suspect.


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