Friday, August 14, 2009

Mom's Guest Post

The challenge went out to be a guest blogger on the occasion of NavyWife's 500th post. The idea of writing about myself was almost as loathsome as having my picture taken. So I decided to write about what I know best: my girls. (Mushiness alert!) Congrats on reaching 500 (confirming #5 on my list).

Top Ten Reasons I am Proud of my Daughters

#10: They are both dog people! Admittedly, they were not around cats as they grew up, but both NavyWife and Sis adore dogs (anyone know how to keep them as permanent puppies?).

#9: Readers, Readers, Readers! As we drove 9 hours from Fargo to Grandpa and Grandma's (in the pre-personal DVD era), I rarely heard a peep from the siblings in the back because they were poring over the suitcase of books they had brought along. Today, they are my best source of "what to read next." And both of them would rather curl up with a good book to relax (ok, maybe naps are a close second) than almost anything else. I love well-read women!

#8: Around the World in 80 Days. These two lovely ladies are expert trav
elers, including packing the suitcase. No customs agent or TSA official better get in the way of either of them reaching their destination. Maybe their just-do-it attitude came from the cancelled flight, terminal run, backup flight, layover in Detroit, but oh, so good Dove ice cream bars on the UNAIRCONDITIONED flight to Disneyland when they were only 3 and 5. They've enjoyed flying ever since!

A young NavyWife and Sister at their favorite play table... many moons ago.

#7: Princes, not frogs! I can't believe my luck in getting sons-in-law. My girls definitely picked great men with whom to spend the rest of their lives. I never had to hire a hit man all the while they were dating, although I definitely carried around a good case of Mom worry for a few of their "friends." Which brings us to...

#6: Long distance wedding planners extraordinaire! Sis got the ball rolling with her cross-country, internet planning extravaganza, and NavyWife only added to the fun when she and NavyGuy decided to marry only 10 months later with the same cross-country agenda. Both days were picture perfect, with very few glitches, and just as memorable as they planned. Yes, ideally, the weddings would have been in their hometown, but that would not have fit either of them. The venues they chose were perfect and they have beautiful memories of not only their wedding day, but of all of the work they did to make them perfect.

#5 and 4: I Am Woman! and Scraptastic! The wedding theme from number 6 is a perfect segue into the next two reasons why I am so proud of my girls. All teasing aside, the the
me of Sis and A's wedding, "I know what I want" is a perfect description of her independent, determined spirit. She has a unique knack of doing whatever is necessary to get what she wants (Ask the wedding consultant at Monona Terrace!). NavyWife can also go after her goals, but she will often confer with NavyGuy, Sis, friends, or me to confirm that it is the best idea. As for craftiness, NavyWife has the lead on this one. She tackled wedding projects head on, and continues to cut, stamp, glue and organize paper crafts to the wonderment of all of her family. Her sister is equally as creative, (remember, I know what I want!), but will smartly farm out the work to someone who has materials and time that she currently does not have. What each of you creates in your own personal style is a continuous source of pride for your mom.

NavyWife, Mom, and Sister

#3: Embracing change. New homes. New "permanent" roommates. New cities.
New jobs. A new puppy. New transportation. Even new jewelry. Therapists say the biggest reason for stress is change. In the last three years, I have lost count of the number of major life changes that my girls have made, (often dragging me along for the literal ride) and they have come out with flying colors. Sure, a few headaches, sleepless nights, and broken dishes, but each of you has taken on the next day with a renewed spirit and determination to make it work.

#2: Fabulous to their friends. My girls have always had many, many
friends (check out the millions of group photos from high school and college). They have found new acquaintances as they have lived in various places, and both NavyWife and Sis have developed strong bonds with those friends. I truly enjoy hearing about the lives of those friends, and am very happy that my girls continue to be involved and devoted to them despite the miles that separate them all. It's especially fun to watch each girl interact with their sibling's friends.

#1: The number one reason I am so proud of my daughters is that each of them has grown into the woman I want to be when I grow up!

Love, Mom

NavyWife, Sister, and Mom at Inner Harbor, Baltimore.


sister,  August 14, 2009 at 9:50 PM  

Aww Mom, I've had a long enough week and now I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face...but they're good ones at least. ;)

That will be a great pick-me-up to think of during next week's insanity!

YellowBunnies August 15, 2009 at 6:39 AM  
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