Sunday, August 2, 2009


We're counting down to #500... only a few more to go before I spring some awesome guest posts on you!

*NavyGuy left for his boat detachment on Saturday morning. I said goodbye to him three times. Why three? Well because once is just never enough. First he woke me up at 6:30am as he was leaving the house for base. Forty-five minutes later, he woke me up again with a phone call. Turns out, he didn't actually need to be to base until 9:30, so did I want to come down and meet him for breakfast... oh, and could I bring his checkbook 'cuz he forgot it. Sigh. We had McDonald's breakfast and said goodbye a second time. And then I went to Wal-Mart... where he called again. This time he'd forgotten a cable he needed for his phone, so could I buy one and bring it to him at the air terminal? One more time, hug, kiss, "don't fall off the plane," and he was finally gone.

*Since it was only 10am, I figured I could still get lots done! Several more boxes packed, some cleaning, and I was just settling in for my lovely Saturday afternoon nap, when my phone rang again. I cursed NavyGuy's name, then checked the caller ID. Uh oh, Target. Did I work today? No, I swore I had Saturday off... ugh, I better answer. Next thing I know, I ended up covering a Starbucks shift. No nap, but more moola towards the new house!

*Sunday was equally uneventful - work and more packing. Blah.

This week is going to liven up considerably though... closing on the house and taking off for San Francisco to visit Sister and Mom!


Mrs. Wookie August 3, 2009 at 3:54 PM  

So this will sound absolutely absurd, but I swore I just saw your husband.

Back story: I've been following your blog for a handful of months now, seeing as I'm a Navy attachment also (but I've only recently established "follower-ship").

Anyways, I got off work in Norfolk/Virginia Beach (Virginia), and was talking with my dad when all of a sudden I yelled, "I think I just saw Marrying the Navy's husband!!"

So fast forward to now, I'm emailing a complete stranger, after months of stalking, claiming to have seen her husband, probably sounding like a loony bin, but wanted to see if I was fooled by a doppelganger.

And I couldn't find your email to find out otherwise.

So if you do get to talk to him, and he was in the Town Center of Virginia Beach, then - by golly - it was him.

If it wasn't him, well then it was nice to meet you. Keep up the hilarity of life. And enjoy the PacNW (I'm from Oregon). Hopefully you've gotten used to the rain. :D

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