Monday, August 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home: Hanging Curtains

Window coverings for the basement family room was one of the major projects I knew we needed to accomplish while Mom was visiting. The family room is right on the ground level of the main road past our house, so all night long we could see headlights going by and people could see into our lounging area. The entire upstairs of the house has nice wooden slat blinds, but we don't have the funds to outfit all the basement windows with such luxuries right now, so inexpensive drapes needed to work. Per usual, IKEA came through for us.

IKEA Curtains - Lenda 2 pair with tie backs

The size we needed (55x98) was on sale for only $14.99! WHOA! Way cheaper than anything I had seen online at other stores, so we picked up three sets. That way, we'd have six panels to cover the span of the two large windows and sliding door.


A separate trip to Lowe's where we found two curtain rods and the necessary hardware, and we were in business! NavyGuy got to work installing the rod while Mom and I took turns ironing the large blue panels. Above, you can see NavyGuy gingerly working around the television; Mom refused to get anywhere near the TV lest she damage it in some way and forever be the mother-in-law who broke her son-in-law's baby television set.

Hanging curtains

Can you see what's on the television while we worked? Inspiration of course! Basically HGTV is the only channel that all three of us could agree on, so we soaked up many episodes of House Hunters, Color Splash, and Bang for Your Buck while we worked.


Voila! Window coverings! They look slightly ghetto in this photo for some reason, but take my word for it - they look much better in real life (and anything is better than two blankets push-pinned into the wall...). I'm pretty excited about the blue color as an accent for the basement. I'd say for about $75 dollars and some time on a step ladder, we got a good end result.


YellowBunnies September 1, 2009 at 1:46 PM  

I love that we use the word "ghetto" the same way. Dave is from New Jersey, so whenever I use the word "ghetto" to describe something, he breaks out the "Girl, you don't know what ghetto is!" even though he's totally from ritzy suburbia. Now he's started describing things as "Keah would call this ghetto." Clearly I get it from you girls :)

P.S. I Love the new pad and the curtains!!! This might be just the inspiration I need to move out of my 625 sq ft apartment, stop living like a college student, and start living like a professor!

Rearden September 1, 2009 at 9:25 PM  

Oh, I miss the blankets pinned into the wall. That was soooooo classy

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