Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TWP Guest Post: Part 2

Scroll down to see Part 1 of TWP's trip to Anacortes.

Day 2:
Day 2 begun with the fulfillment of my one and only travel request: a trip to the San Juan Islands (okay there were more requests, but this one was the biggest!). NavyWife played along after many assurances that nature would not at any point touch her, that there was chocolate on the islands and that shopping opportunities would be ample. The ferry ride alone was so gorgeous that it made the trip for me and the awkwardly warm weather even allowed us to ride the ferry home with just t-shirts on!

View of Friday Harbor, San Juan Island.

Cute, overpriced souvenirs were bought by all, I tricked NavyWife into eating at a local organic restaurant with promises that it was "cute and trendy" (read overpriced and organic) and Meatball was a model traveler. We also learned a thing or two after finding out that there are a plethora of lavender farms in the Pacific Northwest. I even made up for the abundance of nature by getting NavyWife and I a chocolate-chocolate chip cookie ice-cream sandwich with chocolate lavender ice-cream. Sounds slightly disgusting, but it was amazing! Later NavyWife's mom questioned my unceasingly "wild" influence after finding out that we paid $5.00 for said ice cream sandwich....

Meatball eats organic, much to the horror of her Fairy Godmother.

After our return to Anacortes, Meatball and I had a much needed nap while NavyWife retrieved her groom from a two-week stint on a testosterone-ridden carrier plane. There were videos, technical jargon, and in-depth accounts of the trip, but I unfortunately tuned out shortly after learning that "Danger Zone" does not in fact play on a loop on the boat. Boring.

We rounded out with a stop at the local drive-in burger joint, a long trip to the world's greatest park and way too much ice-cream from the "Happy Donut".

Waving to the ferry

Cheers: To reliving my decade long childhood dream of becoming a marine biologist. If it weren't for the crippling motion sickness and irrational fear of drowning in a large body of water I'd be riding a whale at this very moment.

To NavyGuy's awkward football hold of Macy. He doesn't bat an eyelash at flying a multi-million dollar plane and protecting our nation, but nearly peed when asked to pick up a one year old. Little did he know that by week's end she'd be following him around the house asking to go uppy and he'd be putty in her hands.

To the greatest park ever! An Anacortes gem complete with clubhouses, pirate ship, an Orca whale-shaped sandbox, disgustingly cute kids drawings and paintings and a hand-painted trout stream leading the way up to the slides. I wanted to pack it up in my suitcase and bring it home with me.

Jeers: To the $3.00 dollar juice I bought Meatball to placate her on the ride back on the ferry only for her to drink a total of three sips of it. I then tried to get her to drink it each subsequent day of the trip, forgot I left it in my purse and had my bags searched by TSA before our departing flight.

To the random kid at the park. Meatball has yet to figure out how to get her chubby legs to sit down at the top of slide and cute little boy came over and offered to "help". After his sweet little angel face proclaimed "I know how to get babies to go the slide", he ran up behind her and ever so thoughtfully pushed her down the slide and skipped away.

Enjoying the unseasonably warm weather while sprinting across the ferry deck.

Stay tuned for the final installation of our trip West... for sightseeing, shopping and trying not to offend the United States Navy!


ebs handler August 18, 2009 at 3:24 PM  

What a great time you must have had! The pics of FG (grandma-type people cannot call any toddler "meatball.") were precious. And I was equally disappointed to hear about the lack of soundtrack music on the carrier. Probably no volleyball games while in port either.
TWP: When are you coming to FdL again? Let me know, would love to say hi.

historygirlie August 19, 2009 at 5:27 AM  

I would have loved to see Maverick pick up Meatball for the first time.

And I think we should get him the Top Gun soundtrack so he can play it in his plane. Do you think his co-pilot would like that?

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