Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NavyGuy Guest Post

Well, 500 posts, that's quite a bit of material for our friendly neighborhood Mugs. She's left her job, packed, moved to Florida, packed up, drove across the country for almost 2 months while living in hotels and with family and friends, unpacked in a new house with two roommates, got married, got a new job, bought a house, packed again, and is moving again. I think if there's an overall theme to her life for the past two years, it's been change. In case it's not abundantly clear, Mugs doesn't like change. If there is anything that I'm sure Mugs didn't expect to be doing when we first met freshman year of college, it would have to be driving from Pensacola, FL to Anacortes, WA in the middle of summer to start a whole new life.

Through it all, though, she's been helpful and patient, a caring and thoughtful partner in all the changes we've gone through. I can think of no one else I'd want with me while doing everything over this past year and a half. I'm glad all of you find her writing interesting and entertaining, and I hope you all keep coming back to read about all the changes that I'm sure will come.

Awww... what a sweetie. It's true I detest change, but somehow NavyGuy keeps getting me to accept it and find the good. Plus he often plies me with ice cream whenever a big change is coming, which tends to help :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts NavyGuy!


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