Thursday, February 12, 2009

Get a Different Name Day

February 13th is "Get a Different Name Day." I always wonder who creates these random holidays. They're discussed on many different websites and seem to be more than just the creation of one crazy person, but how do they get invented? Can anyone declare a holiday? Can I? Hmmm... okay, a thought for a different day.

Tomorrow is Get a Different Name Day, apparently in honor of everyone who's unhappy with their birthname. Personally, I enjoy mine. It's unique enough that growing up, I never had other kids in class with the same name. Yet, it's not so unique that it's unpronounceable, or people think "whoa - those parents sure did a number on her." Mine is also spelled a less traditional way, and I've always liked how the letters look together. Yes, I notice these kinds of things.

I also have a theory about names, particularly for girls. In my opinion, the girlier the name, the girlier the girl. For instance, I consider Stacey to be an incredibly girly name. Every Stacey I know? Very girly. So, I was always glad to have a name that wasn't supremely girly, because I think your name can help shape your personality a bit.

Even though I'm satisfied with my name, given the chance, would you change yours? If so, to what? Anyone else have a name theory? (Or a Stacey that disproves my theory?)


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