Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good Move Bad Move

Good Move: Hauling my booty out of bed early, showering, and getting ready to make the day a productive one.

Bad Move: Returning to bed to eat my oatmeal and watch Jon Stewart (and consequently losing an additional half an hour researching the author he interviewed, investigating why our Comedy Central station seems to come from Canadian TV, and watching a YouTube video of Ron Paul).

Good Move: Ordering wedding shoes from an inexpensive online source with free shipping.

Bad Move: Pitching the shipping box the shoes came in before realizing they were too big and would need to be returned.

So, I'm off to the post office to return the failed wedding shoes. I fully expect a withering glance from a postal worker at my failure to arrive prepared, and probably 2-3 customer complaints when I have to box up the shoes while holding my place in line. Pray for me!


historygirlie February 5, 2009 at 7:12 PM  

First off: GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!! could have Washingtonian Bird Flu, or allergies to the navy life, but you need to have them diagnosed!!!!

Second: The staying in bed with the laptop wasn't a bad idea. It sounds awesome.

Third: Stampabella has awesome stuff. Go shopping there ASAP.

Fourth: Baby Claire Anne Warpinski is doing well. She had her clavicle broken during delivery, but that's fairly normal. Mouser gets discharged tomorrow....I may be sleeping out there Saturday night to help her out.

Fifth: we got our agendas for our all day inservice at KHS today.....another fun pointless day of nothingness. THe only upside? It's Reeses Pieces at Culvers. Guess where BK and I are headed for lunch!

Sixth: Cousin Becky had her baby tonight....TWO DAYS OF LABOR!!! (TWP: can you imagine that???) A little boy named Ryan George. I can't wait to meet him. B and Mouser are next door neighbors at the hospital!!!

OK...this could have been just an e-mail.....hahaha!!!

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