Friday, February 13, 2009

Navy Briefing of the Week - Slang Part 1

Just a quick language lesson for today - some of the common Navy slang that you may hear if you're talking to a sailor...

Name given to the document a sailor fills out to make various types of special request (i.e. emergency leave, move off base to civilian housing, etc.)
I filled out my leave chit, but I don't know if they'll approve the request.

The latest inside information. Also the poop, the skinny. A summary of important information. Rumors, scuttlebutt, the least you need to know, or very good preparation materials.
Often naval aviators will joke, "Live by the gouge, die by the gouge."
He gave me bad gouge so I didn't do well on the last test.

Roger (often abbreviated further to "rog.")
A term of understanding and acceptance when given an order or other information. Can be used with varying inflection and tone without consequence to signify enthusiasm or disgruntlement without stepping outside the bounds of professionalism.
"Meet outside the hanger at 1300." "Roger."


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