Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Upcoming Excitement

Whoo hoo!!! Two days and I'm outta here! Friday I leave for Wisconsin for a week of wonderfulness including seeing Wicked (with HistoryGirlie!), wedding planning (hair trial, makeup trial, dress fitting, and venue meeting), and... Wedding Craft Fest 2009!

Yes, people, it's gonna get crafty up in here. There will be invitations. There will be escort cards. There will be ribbon (yards and yards and yards of it). There will be chocolate and wine and too much fun to imagine. NavyGuy is slightly nervous that once I get back to Wisconsin, I'll refuse to return to the West Coast (perhaps he's worried because I've talked about taking six suitcases on this trip...?). He'll be fine without me for the days I'm gone though; I've stocked the fridge, left him a carefully planned menu for each day (with delicacies like "spaghetti" and "fried egg sandwiches"), and threatened bodily harm if I return to my pretty pretty house overrun with cables, empty beer bottles, and man stench.

I'm subbing for the sixth grade again today, but ideally I'll be able to use the prep time to make my giant packing list. Hopefully I'll have some good stories later!


keby February 19, 2009 at 2:41 PM  

Have fun in the land of cheese! If you decide not to go back to the West Coast, you should take a road trip to Chicago and visit me. :)

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