Saturday, February 28, 2009

Go West (Again)

Buh-bye Wisconsin... I hardly knew ye.  Back to Washington I fly, hoping desperately that a Culver's restaurant has been built in my week long absence.  

125 completed invitations later, I do not regret my decision to make the wedding invites by hand.  I fully expected the process to be drastically more painful than it was.  We made it through three days of labor-intensive work with a) no cussing, b) no tears, c) no meltdowns ("I can't do this... we're just buying some invites!!!") and d) no fatally ruined friendships because of any Bridezilla outbursts ("That stamp isn't lined up perfectly!  Only one bathroom break every eight hours people!").  

TWP met HistoryGirlie, and HistoryGirlie met TWP.  As expected, they hit it off quite nicely.  (It's so fun to bring friends together.)  As we sat around the kitchen table today stamping, cutting, numbering, folding, and generally crafting our brains out, we chatted (and giggled) nonstop.  It reminded me of the olden days, where women would sit around knitting or weaving (or shucking peas) and gossip about everyone and everything... sharing their daily lives.  A modern-day quilting bee I think.

Check back later today - barring any airport debacles, I should be back in Anacortes with time to post my Target sale item of the week!


historygirlie March 1, 2009 at 6:34 AM  

That's it!!!!!! next time Navygirlie, TWP, and historygirlie get together, we are SO SHUCKING PEAS! then we can snap the ends off green beans, and then piece together a quilt to ward off the winter chills. Maybe someone can braid together a rag rug for in front of the hearth. Someone else can read to us out loud from some Scott or Les Miserables. You improve our minds. Then we can all head home to milk the cow and make butter. :)

Wonderful times yesterday!!! let's do it again!

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