Sunday, March 1, 2009

I {heart} Target

Having spent the past week with babies and toddlers on my radar (sooooo loving playing with my friends' little ones... then passing them off once the wailing and thrashing begins), this week's Target item goes out to TWP and HistoryGirlie. Despite their best efforts, their little girls are both thriving, and rapidly growing into toddlers... who will need new toddler rooms! Complete with - small sized bean bag chairs!I remember the blue bean bag chair I had as a youngster. I'm sure every parent actually hates them because they inevitably rip and those tiny little beads start trickling out and infesting every corner of your house, but mine was so comfy to snuggle up in with a good book. The bean bag chairs are on sale this week at Target for just $16! According to the website, they're available in pink and red (and an illusive pink and green polka dot pattern which I can't find a photo of... boo).

If only I was a little more compact, I might have to add that pink one to our house...

Of course, I'm no parenting/safety expert, so I'm not recommending you allow your 16 month old to play in the bean bag chair alone. I'm sure you could google the topic and find horror stories involving choking on the beads or suffocation, so let's use some common sense people - here lies my official warning: if you buy a bean bag chair for your toddler, I'm am SO not responsible for what happens once you get said chair home...


Anonymous,  March 2, 2009 at 9:52 AM  

I love that even after spending time with TFG you are still convinced that she SITS DOWN...ever. She doesn't. You'd think I'd be skinnier from chasing her everywhere!


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