Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flower Girl Fashion Show

While I may not be at all ready for the big nuptials, the littlest member of our wedding party has her house in order. And by house, I mean her wardrobe for the weekend of festivities.

First, a bit of background. Flowergirl (FG) is the daughter of one of my oldest friends, TWP. TWP and I have known each other since fourth grade. We used to have sleepovers, play an ancient board game called Miss Popularity, and draw layouts for the malls we were going to build. There was also the time we attempted to start an environmental club for younger kids, and perhaps an incident when we visited her mom's school and put a salad, meant for the refridgerator, in the freezer. Needless to say, we go way back. The fact that she's now married and has a baby still throws me for a loop.

The fact that she entrusted her first born's spiritual life in my questionable hands as godmother also throws me for a loop. It was a given then that Miss Goddaughter would have to serve as Miss Flowergirl for the wedding. FG will be about 18 months old by the wedding, and will likely steal the show that day, (which I've completely come to terms with and am actually looking forward to). Since bestowing this title, FG's mom has gone into uber-planning mode, attempting to prep FG for this prestigious role. TWP has admitted to all of the following:

- forcing FG to practice walking around the livingroom holding a small basket of fake flowers
- contemplating perming FG's (wispy baby thin) hair
- searching online for the best possible flowergirl dress
- rubbing her daughter's head with a special cream to entice hair growth

I suspect there are other things she's not admitting to (makeup trials, dance lessons, lip waxing, who knows). Regardless, TWP and I have been putting together FG's wardrobe for the wedding weekend. Knowing she's a crazy eighteen month old, we can't expect she's going to last in the pristine white flowergirl dress more than like six minutes or so. So, I hereby present, the costumes Miss FG will be sporting throughout the wedding weekend:

Lunch with the Ladies
FG's version is actually dark blue and will be complimented by pink leggings, but it was a Gap Outlet steal, so no exact photo is available online. Very appropriate for a casual lunch.

Rehearsal Dinner Cuteness
Brown and pink dress from Kohls, which conveniently matches the color scheme for the wedding (TWP is nothing if not concerned with details). This little number was chosen to win over the ring bearers.

Wedding After-Party FrockAgain, sticking with the pink theme, this dress will be perfect for dancing the night away. To accompany, this trendy pink cardigan located by my mom at Target.Gift Opening BrunchLove that FG will stick be rocking the brown and pink combo (again, Target find by Mom... so hot it's now sold out!). This should fit very nicely with the relaxed "day-after" vibe of the gift opening at NavyGuy's parents' house.

I'm saving her actual flowergirl dress and the shoes/accessories for a bit later. But what do we think? Is she completely going to upstage me the entire weekend? Does she have more wardrobe changes than an Oscar host? Is she destined to break the hearts of the ring bearers?


historygirlie March 26, 2009 at 5:34 PM  

Wow...what a fashion Maven Ms. FG will be! Kitty is jealous!

Also: TWP: Let me know where you get that hair stimulating cream. Kitty could use some....she;s a flower girl two weeks before Ms. FG! At least you can get barettes in FG's hair....we have to tape them to Kitty's hair! :)


Anonymous,  March 26, 2009 at 8:01 PM  

OMG! I love it! Poor Kitty. I have been buttering FG's hair into pigtails every day because I love them so much and then have to distract her so she doesn't pull them out.

I actually just put thick conditioner on her hair and keep it in while she plays in the tub and her hair has been so much nicer! Go ahead and judge people...FG will be rocking some cute hair at the wedding : )


Mugs March 26, 2009 at 8:13 PM  

I can only hope that I have girls in the future, so I can cull all of you guys' hard earned mom wisdom... ;)

Cindy March 30, 2009 at 4:01 PM  

That little FG will be so wonderfully dressed!!Those are all such cute outfits/dresses!!

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