Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blanket-Gate 2009

Setting: Our bedroom, 5:16 am this morning.

NavyGuy: MUGS!!!

Mugs: Whaaah!

What, pray tell, did I possibly do to warrant such an unholy awakening?

Allegedly, I stole covers. This is an ongoing battle in our house, as I fall asleep almost instantly most nights (the word "narcoleptic" has been bandied about at times), and then sleep very soundly throughout the night. Apparently, in my deep and restful sleep, I tend to bunch the sheets and blankets in a death grip, leaving NavyGuy out in the cold - literally. Supposedly, I am impossible to awaken to retrieve any sort of bed covering and I guess this morning was the last straw.

Normally NavyGuy is easy-going and deals with my more annoying traits quirks, but last night I happened to fall asleep with my special blanket on top of the comforter. This blanket was my high school graduation gift from my mom; she made it using all many sentimental t-shirts, jerseys, theater costumes, etc. from my younger years. I'm crazy about this blanket - which NavyGuy knows and respects - because it also has snippets of my baby blanket. (You can see a small strip of it on the right side of the YMCA basketball t-shirt.) Now, the cover stealing was only the most recent blanket issue.

A few nights back, NavyGuy woke in the middle of the night, to find my knees up in the air. The way the blanket was covering me, the red #22 jersey (holla Miss Ann Klapperich, Fondy basketball star of my youth, who yes, signed that t-shirt... respect the shirt) was draped over my knees. In his just-woke-up stupor, NavyGuy thought there was someone sitting on me on the bed, hunched over, with this jersey on their back! He about flipped a lid, thinking someone had broken into the house. Again, because of my very dead-like efficient sleeping, I had no clue any of this happened until the following morning when NavyGuy blamed me (and my blanket) for his minor heartattack and inability to fall back asleep.

Between the blanket scare and cover stealing, I fear a) I'm going to be exiled from the bed and end up sleeping on the couch, or b) my blanket is going to mysteriously "disappear" at some point resulting in either the end of our relationship or his death. As giving up the blanket is sooo not an option, I'm not sure how this war will end....


Anonymous,  March 11, 2009 at 2:58 PM  

I've heard of a number of people using two twin sixed blankets to avoid said disasters. You just put a regular comforter on top and no one is the wiser.


ebs handler March 12, 2009 at 7:02 AM  

NavyGuy, if the blanket has to go, send it to Forest Ave. COD! I'll keep it safe until....not sure what would make it safe to return. Maybe at some point when you two have a guest bedroom, it could grace that bed. (Probably Mugs' "doghouse" if the coverup continues.)

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