Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Glory Be and Praise Someone

May choirs of angels rejoice... we* sold my car!!

(Isn't she pretty... and the cupholders were grand.)

Why would we try to sell a perfectly good car in a perfectly pitiful market? Well, somehow between NavyGuy and I, we ended up with three vehicles for two people. Last summer during the Great Shuffle (I moved to Florida, then we moved to Washington), it became apparent that my car was going to be a casualty. NavyGuy had an SUV already paid for, and his cute sports car, so a third was quite unnecessary. As my vehicle had more miles and more dollars owed, we put it up for sale.

"Shockingly" it took more than a few days for someone to snatch it up. Over Christmas break, we decided to move it from Fond du Lac to Madison in the hoops that a bigger audience might appreciate it's virtues (all the while continuing to make a monthly car payment... ouch). Luck shined down on us last week though, when a nice couple decided to take my baby and give her a new home.

Seemed only fitting to show off a thank-you card I made recently. This card is color-coordinated in real life (no clue why the ribbon looks yellow in the photo), and features one of my newest Stampin' Up stamp sets - Pocket Silhouettes. I'm a big fan of the flowers in this set; this might be my favorite of the four patterns. The colors featured are Certainly Celery and Night of Navy.

* we being a combined effort of actual work by NavyGuy, his parents, and my mom coupled, with significant moral support on my part.


Anna March 4, 2009 at 7:53 AM  

Your cards are great -- You and your Navyguy should start a biz! I'll be your first buyer :)

Thanks for the comment, by the way. 20sb is great for making blog friends! I'm new to it, too. I've barely had the chance to fill out my profile.

Michelle March 4, 2009 at 10:57 AM  

I love you card! I might have to CASE that one! Congrats on your car.

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