Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Story of Us

Last Saturday, NavyGuy and I reached a milestone - our 5 year anniversary. I was in Wisconsin for the actual day, and with our impending wedding costs, we kept it pretty low key this year. However, I thought I'd mark the occasion with a little trip down memory lane... the story of how NavyGuy and I became "us."

The credit (and blame) falls on my college roommie. Miss A and I met as freshmen when we were assigned as roommates. She was outgoing, I was reserved; she was confident, I was anxious; she was ready to conquer the world; I was ready to spend four years hiding in my room. Bless her heart, Miss A realized if getting me out of the room was going to be messy, then she'd bring the world to our room. And that's how NavyGuy and I met; Miss A and he had a class together, and (so the legend goes) she "brought him home" to our room one day.

I can't say I have a vidid memory of meeting NavyGuy (sorry sweetie!). Much of our first months together were spent hanging out with Miss A in the dorm room discussing everything under the sun. I do remember being intimidated by his strong political convictions (boy knows what he believes and has no qualms about sharing), not to mention his 6'4" height and flaming red hair. He lived on the floor above ours and more often than not we found ourselves going to dinner as a group, hanging out, just generally getting to know one another better.

By sophomore year, NavyGuy, Miss A, and I were a tight trio. However, Miss A found herself another man to spend some time with, so NavyGuy and I were left to spend a lot of Saturday nights missing our third musketeer. But life goes on... guys and gals came and went in both our lives. NavyGuy had a serious girlfriend for much of college, and I had a string of boys who "liked" me, but who I found flaws in and therefore dissed (Miss A kindly described me as having high standards). Regardless, throughout college, NavyGuy and I remained close; when his girlfriend couldn't accompany him to his fraternity formal, who stepped up to the plate? Oh yes, kids - here's one of our first shots together.

(Oh if only we'd known then...)

I'd be willing to bet than many around us were wondering why we didn't just cut the baloney and make it official, but it wasn't yet meant to be. Not until February of our senior year did the stars align. NavyGuy was finally single, I had finally realized how I felt, and Miss A had finally gotten sick of the two of us coming to her about the other one. Through some intense negotiations (and drinks at our college bar), Miss A convinced me to approach NavyGuy at a party that evening.

A few minutes of talking, a quick first nervous peck, and it's been smooth sailing ever since ;) (Ha!) NavyGuy and I walked around campus that night talking and pinching ourselves to see if this was really happening. The following morning, NavyGuy called my room and asked me to stop by. I was convinced that he had changed his mind or had second thoughts. Lo and behold - he feared the same of me! Apparently, because I had had a wee bit of, ahem, "liquid courage" the previous night, he was worried that I wouldn't even remember what happened! I quickly reassured him that 1) I did indeed recall the events of the previous evening, and 2) I did still want to try dating. With that settled, our dating relationship commenced, and we've celebrated that day five times since :)
(Who knew five years later we'd be taking engagement photos!?!)


Anonymous,  March 5, 2009 at 4:34 PM  

OMG! You are spared by the back shot of that early photo, but NavyGuy looks SSSOOO young!!! Too cute!


xoxo s March 5, 2009 at 4:59 PM  

Awwww, that totally put a smile on my face! Congrats on the 5 year anniversary!

historygirlie March 5, 2009 at 5:18 PM  

What a wonderful story! How did I never hear that???

It's ALMOST as romantic as our drunken weekend hookup at Country USA. ALMOST. :)

historygirlie March 5, 2009 at 5:20 PM  

Oh, and I love the chaste dance hold at the Frat Dance.....such good kids, not all wrapped around each other.

As Sister Yvonne from St. Bernard's would say...You left room for the Holy Spirit.

But my one question...why are the lights so bright during a dance? Even in middle school, the lights are lowered. :)

Lisa March 5, 2009 at 6:23 PM  

This is such a sweet story! Thanks for sharing! Aaannd - Happy Anniversary!

ebs handler March 6, 2009 at 4:14 AM  

Happy Anniversary, NavyGuy. Thanks for sharing your honey on your anniversary. Great story (The mom version goes something like this: "Mom, NavyGuy and I kind of like each other.")
P.S. You drank in college???????

Rearden March 6, 2009 at 4:17 PM  

@HistoryGirlie re:lights I'm pretty sure that picture was taken with a flash, so it looks brighter than it actually was.

Princess of Ales March 12, 2009 at 6:55 AM  

Ah, memories. My version of this story will be appearing as an epic poem in my first published book of poetry. Muahahahahahaha!

I would like to clarify a couple of things. There were only so many people I could convince to meet my fun, clever, cute roommate in the LIBRARY. So if I didn't bring them home, the only other possibility was some kind of accidental encounter in the Kohler elevator. So it wasn't messy as much as it required strategery...

I have a vivid memory of you meeting NavyGuy - not because you cared overly much (sorry, Guy!) but because his eyes bugged out a little bit. You were obviously his type from the get-go.

Let's not mince words by referring to that guy I was seeing as a "man." His code name ought to be "Wet Blanket."

I forgot about the liquid courage! Of course! I was wondering how that happened so quickly...

And finally, the liquid courage is my fault, Ma. I did debauch her a little more than she said, but still a little less than you originally thought I would. See? No piercings! No lesbians! Oh, but she did move out to the West Coast...hmmm...not my fault! But I'll keep her anyway.

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