Saturday, March 21, 2009

DIY Baby Shower Invitations

These haven't been sent out yet, but I can't resist giving you all a sneak peek! My marvelous MOH is due with her first baby in June, and her sister, her two aunts, and I are throwing a literary themed baby shower for her a couple weeks before the wedding. Because I knew I'd be super busy that close to the wedding, I offered to make the invitations, as that could be done far in advance.

Okay MOH... if you read further you're going to see the invites and then it won't be a fun surprise when you get yours in the mail...

I mean it! (I'm the bride!) Resist the urge to peak Mommy-to-Be! :)

I blurred some of the personal information, but you can get the idea. MOH is doing a baby animal themed nursery in a variety of colors, so I thought this giraffe stamp fit nicely. MOH's sister came up with the children's book theme idea, and we're hoping the guests will bring a nice variety of books to get the baby's library started!Included in the invitation are these sticker bookplates. I printed out the text on plain white cardstock, cut and rounded the edges, stamped the green flower design, then fed each card through my Xyron sticker-maker machine. That way, guests can fill out the info, peel the card off, and easily stick it into the front cover of a gift book. (Now here's hoping they are able to figure that out themselves!). I think I'll also make some extra to bring to the shower in case people want to add them to their books that day.

I can't wait to hear if MOH likes them - and I can't wait to see what else my fellow shower-planning compadres come up with to fit out book theme!


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