Friday, March 27, 2009

Do I Sound Like Dory?

~ Ramon, 8th grader that I subbed for yesterday, told me halfway through the day that my voice sounded like Dory. As in the fish from Finding Nemo. He assured me it was a compliment.

~ A rabid parent accosted me during lunch, expecting that I would know where her absent daughter's make-up work packet could be located in the tornado aftermath of a classroom in which I was subbing. Apparently, her daughter had been out for several days and the classroom teacher had agreed to create a packet of makeup work for her to complete before the end of the quarter (which was the following day). I talked mom down off the ledge and pacified her by sending her home with a textbook and the promise of a strongly worded note to the classroom teacher.

~ 8th grade boys are obsessed with what type of music you like. Then they like to tell you the specific bands they like (all of which have semi-inappropriate names that you've never heard of).

~ Somehow I attract the classroom teachers who delight in leaving sub plans saying some variation on, "Well, they should work on this worksheet for a bit, but I doubt they'll stay on task. They'll probably just screw around most of the day." Yesterday's lesson plan expected 13 year-olds to research a constitutional issue online (with no guiding questions or worksheet to complete) for 90 minutes. Uh, yeah, no. Not gonna happen. I spent the majority of the day watching kids hack into illegal websites, google fat people, and play odd games that all revolved around people dying and the entire screen turning red.

I'm taking today off to recover from the reminder that the future is doomed.


Anonymous,  March 30, 2009 at 1:35 PM  

To them u probably do 'cos this generations life is a TV show. But I feel ur pain. For the teachers that kinda leave lesson plans "but not really" I simply loathed them and felt horrible for the kids' lack of daily direction. And the music thing, they're always surprised to hear me give background info on their fave band's old school influences.

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