Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Way We Celebrate

NavyGuy and I have never been Valentine's Day fanatics. Oh, there have always been gifts and cards and kind words, but the expectations are not sky high. Overly mushy gestures tend to give me hives. Additionally, our anniversary is only a couple weeks after the big V-Day, so we usually combine the two holidays and just spend the month of February happy we've survived another year to be with one another.

So yesterday we just spent time doing what we like to do - namely, shop, eat, watch movies, and eat more. The major task for the day was figuring out what NavyGuy is going to wear for the wedding. There's a Men's Wearhouse (with tuxedo rentals) near the good mall in Lynnwood, WA... how convenient :) Bolstered by a marvelous lunch at the mall food court (I love a good food court - especially one with Panda Express!), we braved the tuxedo junction. Surprisingly less painful than expected. NavyGuy had been resistant to the idea of a tux (something about a strong distaste for the satin stripe down the pant leg), but he found a tux that looked very "suit like" and made him feel quite dapper.
Pretty hot if I do say so myself. (Sorry the only photo is cropped oddly...) NavyGuy'll be rocking an ivory shirt (to coordinate with my dress), and a champagne vest, while the groomsmen and other males will sport latte colored vests to match the bridesmaids' gowns. I think the entire wedding party is going to knock some socks off!

Post-tux-measuring, we spent some quality time at Barnes and Noble and Best Buy. For dinner, we decided to do a low-key stir fry at home. While we ate, we watched Iron Man (hooray for Robert Downey Jr.'s comeback), and got ready for our fondue dessert...

Impressive, right? And not bad for an idea that NavyGuy had at about 5:00pm on Valentine's Day :) The fondue set was a Christmas gift from NavyGuy's parents many years ago, but we honestly just used it for the first time on Saturday. Despite my suggestions of dipping oreos or fingers into the chocolate sauce, we ended up with strawberries, cut up rice krispy treat, and pound cake. It was fantastic! So yummy, and the sauce actually stayed pretty warm. We didn't come close to eating all of it, but we tried our best. Washed it all down with some champagne we found in the fridge (maybe a housewarming gift at some point?) with our super chic NapaStyle champagne glasses (hmmm, just realized those were another gift from NavyGuy's parents... we're kind of lucky to have 'rents who give good stuff). You can see one of the glasses in the photo above, and NavyGuy is holding another in the photo below.

Awww... not to brag, but I'm kind of a lucky girl.

A nice mix of romance, productivity, and comfortableness. Plus, NavyGuy made me from scratch a Vday card. Yeah, that's right. Sorry ladies - he's taken :)

He used stamps all on his own! And designed this layout. He's pretty proud.


Princess of Ales February 16, 2009 at 9:33 AM  

Way to go, NavyGuy! It's beautiful! I never NEVER thought I'd say this, but you could teach other men (including mine) a thing or two. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Anonymous,  February 16, 2009 at 11:14 AM  

Kudos to NavyGuy! Sometimes Ben folds notebook paper in half for me and calls it a "card"....


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